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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Grandi Molini

EN The first silos in the area of the Grandi Molini was built in 1926 and is still in operation. It was joined over the years by other impressive buildings that rival in dimensions the industrial chimneys. To this original

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Petrolchimico

EN The Petrochemical compound was established in 1917 and represents the first stage of development of the whole industrial area. The area originally planned for the petrochemical industry was never fully occupied, and indeed it was preferred to expand into

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Storage Tanks Island & Tresse Island

EN The reclaimed mud island was designed by the Water Authority of Venice in order to plant muds from the excavation and dredging activities of the canals, rivers and seabeds of the city of Venice and the whole Lagoon. Today

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Chemistry Peninsula

EN We publish a series of imagines of the Chemistry Peninsula: the real heart of the Marghera industrial complex, a naked industry, a tangle of pipes that for years represented the main cause of the extraordinary pollution of the entire

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Commercial Harbour

EN The Sali e Tabacchi warehouse is one of the oldest and most particular structures for the storage of materials (silos), that we can find in Marghera. Built between 1926 and 1927 by Monopoli di Stato, it contained the cells

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: First Industrial Settlement

EN This part is the oldest area of Porto Marghera and in its long history it was occupied by many different functions. In the imagines from the Industrial Area Authority Archive we can easily recognize the Fintitan Area, the Vetrocoke

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Industrial Area Authority Archive: Ex-Azotati

EN In the next few days we are going to publish a series of photos that were kindly given us by the Industrial Area Authority Archive of Marghera. The imagines date back to the establishment of the different industrial compounds

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